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NIMA in Belarus

CSBT SATIO under the auspices of the Educational and Training center of the Netherlands (ETCN) and the Netherlands institute of marketing (NIMA) is honored to offer Belarusian specialists to undergo certification and confirm their qualification in the field of marketing and receive the Certificate of the international qualification program NIMA.  As the main purpose of NIMA program in Belarus serves receipt by Belarusian marketing experts of qualification acknowledged by national and international companies which will put them at the dame level with the citizens of European countries.

The founders of NIMA in Belarus

The Netherlands Institute of Marketing has more than 35 000 members and organizes about 10 000 examinations a year in the field of marketing, sales, PR and marketing researches.  The institute is under supervision by the Netherlands examination chamber.  NIMA certificate is mandatory for all professional marketing experts of the Netherlands.
ETCN offers a wide range of trainings and international educational programs of the bachelor’s and master’s level in the Eastern European countries.
The European Marketing Confederation (EMC) is a multilevel organization, dedicated to marketing, communication and sales associations in Europe. EMC provides access to people and information in the field of marketing in more than 17 countries of Europe.
Center of system business technologies SATIO is the exclusive representative of NIMA programs in the Republic of Belarus.


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